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Return must be paid by the customer.



You may return merchandise you have received without indicating any reasons within a period of 14 days. The period commences upon receipt of this notification in writing (i.e. as a letter or email), but not before the customer has received the merchandise (in case of a recurring delivery of merchandise of the same kind not before receipt of the first partial delivery).

Sneakers are made using leftover pieces of rubber in a traditional vulcanization process is what creates the unique marbled look of the outsole.

By doing the transaction you agree that your order can look slightly different from the picture, but it will certainly have the same colour combination.

Please note that the left and right shoe will also not be exactly the same, but that is the charm of this kind of partially hand crafted manufacturing.

Because of that we don´t accept return if your order  look slightly different from the picture.

Claiming shoes is not possible if the damage is made by mistreatment like bad cleaning or washing. 


In case of refund a credit is carried out to your account. Any losses due to currency exchange fluctuations will not be refunded.